Wednesday 5 December 2012

Malaysia's Orange Esports finishes 4th in WCG DotA 2 finals while Invictus Gaming crowned champions

Definitely no pressure at all but our boys from Orange Esports DotA is arguably Malaysia's strongest Esports team yet. The team, who is also strongly supported and sponsored by Razer, are multiple champions for various tournaments in local ground. However, their international records have yet to be as successful though at many a times, they often only miss their footing at the very last moments. Unfortunate.

In their latest major international attempt, Orange Esports advances into the 2012 World Cyber Games (WCG) DotA 2 Championships. Despite having a pretty good set in its League games, the team unfortunately then were set up against now-champions Invictus Gaming from China (they also won The International 2012) and proceeded to play 3rd placing playoffs against DevilMice from Belarus.

Despite being favourites in the game, Orange Esports gave in 0-2 to DevilMice, finally finishing the annual Games in 4th place.

The team's dissapointment was in any case, evident but I as a huge supporter for the Esports industry in Malaysia and for the team Orange Esports themselves who really are progressing in each tournament, really do believe that the day will come when we will overcome and make a bigger name, internationally.

Keep it up, Orange!

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