Thursday 19 December 2013

Yasuo joins League of Legends

“A wanderer isn’t always lost” 
This is the tagline of League of Legends' latest champion, Yasuo. Known also as a top-lane player, Yasuo is a champion that does not depend on mana but instead fights courageously with his attacks and combos he is made famous for.

First off, Steel Tempest is Yasuo’s first skill. There is 2 ways to Steel Tempest. The first click on Steel Tempest, Yasuo damages a enemies in a line. When Steel Tempest is cast 3 times, Yasuo lets out a twister that knocks enemies airborne in a line.

Yasuo’s second skill is Wind Wall. Wind Wall generates a powerful shield that blocks off every enemy projectiles except turret attacks.

His 3rd skill, Sweeping Blade. With Sweeping Blade, Yasuo jumps to and damages the targeted enemy. With a combo of Sweeping Blade and Steel Tempest, Yasuo jumps to the targeted enemy and spins while damaging surrounding enemies. If Sweeping Blade is combo-ed with Steel Tempest’s 3rd cast, Yasuo not only hits his surrounding enemies but also knocks the surrounding enemies airborne.

Lastly, Yasuo’s ultimate, Last Breath. Last Breath does a huge amount of damage to the enemies with condition, the enemy must be airborne. Last Breath can also be activated on multiple enemies if the targeted enemies are all airborne. It’s one of the more damaging skills that can pick up multiple kills if used correctly.

Combos are always impressive to be seen, but simply not easy to execute. But meanwhile, we'll get back to practicing (more like playing, tsk) around with the new guy in town.

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