About Us

TheShadowGamer.com started off out of curiosity and interest, to talk, write and share our ideas on generally games (both video and PC) and gadgets. As one of the very few video gaming blogs based in Malaysia, curiosity soon turned into a passion to continue writing more, and to produce better quality articles. We strive to be the eyes and ears of the Malaysian community, and are always striving for the greater, reading from the industry professionals and hoping to bring our share of video game knowledge to Malaysia.

What started from updates only on mainstream video games have soon evolved into a support for the up and coming Malaysian Game Development industry, as well as our own Esports teams which we are now particularly proud of. We have realised that gaming itself is now as diverse as it can ever have been, from consoles, to PCs, to mobile, to gaming gears, to esports and possibly more in the future.

In simpler terms, to give a snapshot of what TheShadowGamer.com is now, we're simply part of a huge community with a love for everything gaming and gadgets.

Land Down Under
In Mid-2012, our Founder Xingyi Ho decided to further his studies in Melbourne, Australia and with that, has also challenged TheShadowGamer.com to further write on events and happenings in the land down under.

Australia's gaming industry, though not necessarily its gaming population, have been steps ahead from Malaysia. Contributor Marcus Heng will be representing our base in Kuala Lumpur as we plan to expand and diversify, merging news from both equally-competitive gaming population together in one online platform.

Our first post dates back to late 2011, but has since grown from a rather personal blog to a site with consistent and engaging readership. Our readers have come to us for both advice and suggestions, while we have also written about some of the industry's best:
MCGCON (Malaysian Games and Comic Convention ) 2012 
PAX Australia 
Comic Fiesta 2011 
[Giveaway] Norton 360 Version 6.0 
[Review] Roccat Savu  
Wii U
Today, TheShadowGamer.com is an online platform dedicated towards gaming and gadgets in Malaysia and Australia. You can always reach us at hello@theshadowgamer.com for any feedbacks, enquiries or collaborations as we continue growing with a core team of two:


Xingyi Ho / Founder

In midst of studying, Xingyi is possibly no where near a pro in games, but continues in his long-time interest in Dota 2 and Counter Strike. Used to be a Skyrim dragonborn, but still prefer to be part of the Assassin’s Creed, or to hop into a pitch of Fifa 13. An up to date gadget-freak, a DSLR-holder with some video abilities. Startup-hopeful, volunteers for several organisations and recently a Social Community Manager of Meld Magazine.

Marcus Heng / Malaysian Representative

Graduating in Mass Communication, Marcus is a diehard Call of Duty fan. A young journalist, he's passion in both video games and producing videos have developed him into an aspiring Youtuber, not for the fame or partnership, but on a mission to inspire the way he was very inspired. Look out for him on his channel So HENG Productions