Tuesday 22 January 2013

Possible PlayStation 4 announcement confirmed for E3 2013, "or even earlier, in May"

It has been close to 8 years since Sony first unveiled the PlayStation 3 and if anything, its about time a next-gen console gets announced. Rumours and various 'close sources' online have strongly suggested that we will definitely hear the announcements of next-gen consoles this year, and would most probably be in June during this year's E3.

This is comforting news, of course, but what's even better is that the very date of the announcement may arrive even sooner, as we have recently learned. Speaking to Chilean website Emol, Sony's vice president of home entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto revealed some news confirming a PlayStation announcement in May.

This came about when Emol asked about the possibility of us seeing a new home console by Sony in the next few months. “That's still a big secret, but our friends [in the certain division] are preparing [a new] Sony PlayStation,” commented Sakamoto. “I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. [An] announcement may be [made at that time] or even earlier, in May.”

While the odds of this 'new PlayStation' being a next-gen console is high and would possibly be named the PlayStation 4, Sakamoto did not reveal anything about it. But what we now know is that an announcement will be made this May, will it really be the next-gen console we have waited long, or could it merely just be a toned-down PlayStation like Nintendo's Wii Mini....well we certainly hope it isn't the latter.

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