Friday 5 August 2011

Facebook Working On Changes to News Feed

Okay this should be something great, but it actually kinda sucks. In a recent post by The Wall Street Journal, it was reported that Facebook engineers are currently working to create an unfiltered News Feed, in other words, indirectly placing ads on your news feed as well. Well, I don't think that's the way to go but nevertheless, it might not be as bad, hopefully.

This move was actually initiated to address and rectify the biggest frustrations of third-party developers (think Zynga, Playfish) and marketers on Facebook - to stand out on users' news feed. Previously, information on the news feed was always filtered by the social network, and it's algorithm doesn't display every piece of content, especially from third-party applications. However, with this change, it would increase the publicity of the applications users use.

What are your thoughts? Please do share with us.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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