Wednesday 19 June 2013

Dota 2 confirmed for full release this summer but not in Asia

Though officially still in beta, Dota 2 has long established its name as the successor to arguably the first and renown MOBA title Defense of the Ancients. Valve has made Dota 2 as tightly-sealed as possible a few years ago when it first started. Beta keys used to be traded at quite a premium price (you can still buy one now at $30), but in the past 2 years Valve has since genuinely opened it up to anyone and almost everyone with a dozens or so beta keys flying around the globe like nobody's business.

Speaking to GameSpot,  Doug Lombardi Marketing VP of Valve has recently confirmed that Dota 2 will be fully released in the wild this summer but more specifically we speculate before the religiously annual The International 3. It is also rumoured that this will come after the launch of both highly-anticipated heroes Abaddon and Legion Commander.

However, Lombardi also clarified that this will first only be opened in North America and Europe leaving Australia and more particularly Asia where some of top teams reign from, in the dark for now. This is actually understandable as we've known that Valve is still bulking up to work on their server infrastructure in order to ensure a truly smooth experience once the doors to its cult opens up to the public. But once again, it really doesn't make a wow difference once it opens up as most of us are probably gaming on it right now. Well unless,Valve do have something in store for us, something they have been known for.

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