Sunday 7 August 2011

Join The Somalian Hunger Relief By Playing Bad Company 2

Somalia needs you, badly. Half the nation has been suffering from the worst drought the country had since 60 years, continuous inadequate rainfall has short-lived the people's hope and has stranded the country's economical standing as the inability to provide enough food for everyone worsens. According to BBC, Somalia's food crisis is reaching 'unimaginable proportions". UN has declared its situation a famine. Up to 3.7 million Somali citizens are in need of assistance. But it doesn't stop there - UN has predicted that the crisis could spread throughout the entire country in as little as two months!

Are you going to sit around laying back on your couch while our counterparts suffer indefinitely? Do you want to do something for them? Well, to pamper you guys a little more, you can now help the country by sitting on your couch, playing Bad Company 2. Battlefield community site Don't Revive Me Bro has joined forces with pro gaming organization Quantic Gaming, fellow community resource Battlefieldo, and DICE's own Daniel Matros to produce First Person Saviors, a 24-hour Battlefield: Bad Company 2 event to save Somalia. The great thing is, 100 percent of all including donations received will be entirely passed along to the World Food Programme in support of the operation.

Now, there's no excuses for you to not give your share anymore.


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