Tuesday 30 August 2011

PS Vita is Going To Be Like PSP

I have to admit that I've never been fond of the PS Vita. The design has never attracted me, the concept of a portable handheld console was lame, but ultimately, it just simply seemed like another PSP. Now, I'm not being prejudice saying that it's so bad or that no one is going to buy it, but let's face the fact - tablets are owning them and Crytek agrees.

So before I start with the worst possible statement by Sony, I'm hoping that I'm just over-reacting. In the latest issue of Edge, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan said that video games software was the priority for Vita - just as it had been with PSP, adding that "the philosophy is basically the same".

"The core principle is to provide the best portable gaming experience possible. It's as simple as that."

Yes, it's as simple as that which means it's going to be almost, if not the same as PSP. You got my views on this, but what about you, are you with me?

Source: CVG

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