Thursday 15 September 2011

DICE: PC is Battlefield 3's "Lead Platform"

People have been complaining that DICE, developer of highly-anticipated Battlefield 3, has only been releasing video footages and screenshots of the game on PC, but not on consoles. In response, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson reasoned that they always wanted to show the upcoming military FPS in its best form, and that they recognise the PC as its "lead console".

Speaking to Eurogamer, Troedsson explained that they "we always want to show a platform that we have chosen to be our lead platform. In this case we did choose PC as the lead platform; it's the one that has been, mostly, driving development forward. That is the reason why we have spearheaded a lot of the key assets with this as well, adding that:
"people don't understand that the PC is more powerful than a console!"
It is used to build "unique" features that are really needed in the game- things like 64-player multiplayer, which is "not possible" on console when combined with aspects "like destruction, like scale, vehicles and this kind of thing".

However, not to worry, DICE will also be showing the game on console, "and when the beta goes live people will be able to play it on console and they can make up their minds for themselves if they believe we've been hiding something."

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