Thursday 13 June 2013

Logitech Malaysia unveils revised G Series lineup, talks about local gaming scene

Logitech Malaysia recently organised a gathering with some of the most influential tech/gaming writers in the local industry to talk about what's in and what's next for the local gaming community. (As a newcomer) we were fortunate enough to be invited over to join in the discussion along with a hands-on experience with the company's latest G Series gaming gears.

With its launch and a re-branding in their lineup, it is apparent that the company is now strongly-committed to invest in and to further develop a quality set of PC gaming gears aimed towards both the casual gamers and the more hardcore ones.

Regional Marketing Director for South East Asia Logitech, Kuah Hsiang Nung, demonstrating the effectiveness of choosing the ideal gaming mouse weight.

"Science Wins" will lead the re-branding of these gears with emphasis on how all the nitty-gritty details can essentially affect both gameplay performance and control. I personally do believe and after testing them out feel that Logitech's 'theory' behind their products do improve the experience overall.

While the gaming roundtable offered us an insight into all their G Series gaming gears, it soon became clear that not only is Logitech interested in product features like macro buttons and erm LCD screens, but also all the tech behind it as Kuah of Logitech SEA repeatedly pointed out that Logitech isn't just about making gaming gears, but more of "precision equipments".

With its official unveiling of the G Series in Malaysia, we were also treated to test their gears out with a generous few matches of FPS and MOBAs. One pretty important feature Kuah pointed out was the lineup's 'angle snapping' ability which basically means the equipment's stability and control while moving the mouse and this can be apparent as you stray across a straight line in a perfect motion.

One of my personal favourites the Logitech G700s rechargeable gaming mouse

This I feel is essential in today's gaming equipments as I believe that at the end of the day, one would only go for a piece of gaming gear if it provides the perfect control and therefore the trust and reliability it extends to gamers. To this, Logitech's high-end G700s (retailing at RM299) in particular has proven so far to have mastered that extend of control.

During the session, Kuah also notably expressed the company's interest in exploring the possibilities they can be part of in both the local and regional gaming community which most definitely includes the up-and-coming eSports scene. At the same time, he has also revealed that Logitech is working with certain game titles to develop certain exclusives, though details of that is understandably can not be revealed as of yet.

It's always good to see gaming (gear) companies like Logitech to show a deep interest in the Malaysian gaming industry especially for our eSports scene I talked about, that there really is a massive gap of potential for both industry professionals and even amateurs like our site to explore, contribute, and develop together.

If you are  similarly passionate about our local gaming scene or have any ideas/upcoming events, do say hi! at

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