Thursday 8 December 2011

Instagram For Android Confirmed + Best Photos

Everyone's using Instagram now. The recent creation - simple, yet ingenious - has arguably revolutionised  modern photography as Instagram-enhanced-then-shared-photos are gaining speed and popularity, circling among a wide audience with its beautiful shades and interesting filter effects. Coupled with the rising quality of phone cameras, Instagram allows users - ordinary non-experts, to take extraordinary photos. To some extent, which is becoming more common, produces photos better than DSLRs.

Unfortunately, the immensely popular app was only available on the iOS and being an Android user, I have always wanted to find a similar app on the Android Market but most of them lack many essential features. However, now, CEO Kevin Systrom has officially announced that the team are finally working on bringing the app onto the Android platform. In just one year, Instagram had reached a whopping 50 million users and following the launch on Android, the team wishes to expand its reach. Another 50 Million in half a year? Most likely.

Some of the best photos I've seen using Instagram. Wow!

Brandy Bryd


Jennifer Jeffrey

Malachy Sherlock

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