Friday 20 January 2012

Skyrim Calculator: Your Best Companion During Maths Exams

It used to be a tool for graphing equations, until it took a hacker to the system. Oh yes, Youtuber no9sniper recently 'ported' 2011's Game of the Year onto a TI-84 graphing calculator, 'revolutionising' how extremely portable our games can now be played on. But, there's a catch to it (evidently).

The REAL Skyrim offers amazing, amazing graphics and an infinite possibility of adventures around the unending realm of Skyrim. I'm pretty sure you knew this already but the calculator version of the Elder Scrolls series doesn't provide you with anything of that sort. It's more of a 'multiple-choice' question game (which is of course text-based) where you choose what you want to do in the game. Well, at least, I can now buy weapons and kill dragons during my exams. (:

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