Thursday 19 April 2012

iPhone 5 Spotted In China, Now Edible With Internet Explorer

Rumours have it that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen; wait, or is it smaller? Anyway, none of that matters anymore as the "real" iPhone 5 has recently been spotted in its manufacturing country itself - China! Oh, and if you're still wondering where the heck the iPhone 5 (picture) is, it's just the one above. New packaging, new language, new shape - perfect, awesome.

It's an ice cream btw. But one would, under normal circumstances, usually expect such a remodeled "iPhone 5" to bring an "Apple" taste or sort. But well, looks like the owner decided to add a touch of "Mango" in it.  *Hints Windows Phone 7.5 OS* 

To reinforce his preference, note how the Internet Explorer is the main browser?

[Source: Weibo via Rocketnews24]

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