Sunday 29 April 2012

Unboxing the Roccat Savu [Photos + First Impressions]

If you haven't heard about the Roccat Savu before, it's a medium-sized gaming mouse which aims to achieve both performance and fancy features in one robust design. Along with it is also the debut of a one-of-a-kind, world-first gaming mouse 'stats-system', particularly named as the Roccat Achievement Display. The Roccat Savu was unveiled back in February and is set for an official release on May 1st; however, Roccat was really kind to allow us a review unit before its launch but before that, let's start unboxing it! :D

I particularly like the 'spark' on the cover design, but the quality of the packaging could honestly have been much better and firmer as it can be squashed if you exert a big force on it. However, it will definitely not affect the mouse though so no worries. (:

The side of it showing its specs and packaging contents.

And the top of the box....

The bottom of the box...
"Combine your strengths into a seamless unit operating in perfect harmony - and watch the sparks fly"
- Dr. Erik J. Dale, Roccat Scientist.
Now you've seen it's overall packaging, let's dig in deeper and find out what's inside!

My Roccat ID-card (you can't see my id right.....)

Installation guide. Pretty simple, classic steps.

And the Roccat Savu held in packaging. Time to unleash its freedom.

And say hello to the Roccat Savu! Damn it looks so good haha.

Another angle..

And finally, in its ultimate form. One note to the guys in Roccat though - a bigger area for the light will definitely make the mouse more attracting, especially for gamers with big hands as the light is easily covered.

Roccat Savu, unboxed.

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