Saturday 26 May 2012

Malaysian Games and Comic Convention (MGCCon) 2012 [Photos + Video]

On the 19th of May, in collaboration with upcoming youtube-rs and of course our great friends thatDanMarc and DaDiDumTV, we went for the inagural MGCCon 2012 (Malaysian Games and Comics Convention) which was held in KDU College Damansara. 

The whole event started around 10am but most booths at the main hall only started to display their stuff at around 10.30am.

This looks amazing, doesn't it?

Then, the crowd started coming in and at the end of the hall, there were PS3 video games for visitors to play with, as well as for others to look at.

Gaming on consoles..

and other visitors looking on...can you spot our friends DaDiDumTV filming? :P

Moving on, we caught up with the League of Legends Garena Trials. (If you've never heard about League of Legends before, it's a strategy game like Dota in short)
Doesn't it look like a cyber cafe? lol

The game was so intense that everyone was basically glued to the screen, and for the gamers, nothing, absolutely nothing, would distract them...

Even a phone call will not stop the players yo!

The organizer explaining the rules to the participants so the game will go on fairly.

Proceeding to the next room, for the GameDevthon and Comic Challenge..

A briefing to all participants.

The participants sitting and listening to the briefing before getting on their work.

Basically, for both competitions, participants have to present their end product within 24 hours in the library. Once the briefing ended, both competition commences so meanwhile, we decided to go ahead to the lecture theatre to catch the talk on the Making of Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

An opening speech before the director himself gives the talk.

The director, Youichi Mori giving the talk.

Most of the talk were inspiring words to fans who share the same passion to create animations and games, and was definitely insightful to those who dream of being an animator/game designer. He then continued to talk about the production of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, before giving an exclusive sneak peak on the animation itself which, mind you, is not officially released yet. So kudos to the MGCCon organising team!

Of course, how can a comic convention not have any cosplayers, right?

Speaking about cosplayers, unfortunately, we were unable to get in touch with the renown cosplayer Alodia. She just weren't around wherever we go (damn..). However, we did get a chance to meet the one and only Jay Tablante, also a famous cosplay photographer from the Philippines who we then interviewed.

Jay Tablante with one of his finest work. (Watch his interview here!)

Yep, that's basically it for the first day but before leaving the convention, we went back to the GameDevthon and Comics competition to check on their progress. (Basically to spy on them again..)

Electronic drawing!

and the classic, traditional way!

(Editor's note:) Oh, remember we said in the beginning that we visited MGCCon 2012 with our great friends DaDiDumTV and thatDanMarc? Well, here's a video by them providing an overall visual during the first day of MGCCon 2012. Check it out ok, it's nicely-made and I've got to admit I admire their skills.

*Marcus is a mass comm student, our first ever contributor, loves being a Star BRAT and all call of duty games? :P....Follow him at @Marcuse_94.

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