Tuesday 5 June 2012

[Review] Roccat Savu Hands-On

The Savu is Roccat's latest gaming mouse which packs a solid, clean black outlook on a medium-sized body. It has a basic, minimalistic design but do not be fooled by its simplicity because behind it, is an array of features which spices things up.

First of all, though the sides of the Roccat savu looks simple, it is made out a material which provides a sand-paper texture. Yeap, it feels like sand-paper which may feel rather weird at first but you would get use to it and you would actually be thankful as it provides an extremely good grip. So if you have a sweaty palm and you're in the midst of a hardcore gaming, you wouldn't need to worry.

At the bottom back of the mouse is a light bar which is programmable to 16.8 million different colours. Yes it looks and sound impressive but unfortunately, it is not really noticeable when you game as your hands would possibly cover it. However, when you just leave it on and plugged it in to your computer, and especially when you set it to 'pulse mode', just watch its colour changes, and you'll feel how amazing 16.8 million colours can be.

The Roccat Savu has two macro buttons on its sides which then can be preset for in-game functions at its Roccat hardware driver which you would need to install first. Along with it, Roccat has also included this Easy-Shift [+] technology which basically uses one of the macro button to allow the other buttons/scrollwheel more than one function. So basically, when you use the Easy-Shift [+] button, and when you scroll, you can set it to another function, say to turn the volume up or maybe to change weapons in FPS games.

But ultimately, it is (in my personal opinion that) the Roccat Achievement Display which offers the best feature for the Roccat Savu. Basically, it is an achievement leaderboard which tracks the usage of the mouse, including the number of left-clicks done, the number of scroll steps performed, how much distance have you in total moved and more. Then, after you reach a certain stat, for example, after you clicked 50,000 times, you would receive a virtual "Click Fanatic" trophy which you can then share and brag to your friends on Facebook. But on that, we'll talk about it in another post in more detail but mean while, watch our hands-on video review on the gaming mouse below.

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And yup that is it for our Roccat Savu review. To sum it all up again, it features the following:
  1. Great grip via its sand-paper texture on both sides.
  2. Clean, minimalistic and ergonomic design
  3. 16.8 million different colours to set for the light bar.
  4. Easy Shift [+] technology to allow buttons/scrollwheel more than one function
  5. Roccat Achievement Display is a must-try, must-use feature. World-first gaming mouse tracking system.
However, there were some setbacks which was quite a pity:
- Light bar not noticeable when gaming.
- Using the Easy-Shift [+] technology in games may prove rather inconvenient.

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