Friday 26 October 2012

Centaur Warrunner comes to Dota 2

I was actually pretty surprised when I realised that when Dota 2 first started, Centaur wasn't a hero option there then. Centaur to me seemed like a classic hero and a commonly-known one throughout the original Dota, so it seemed natural for the big guy to be in it. Nevertheless, here is that freaking tank (or at least used to be) as the latest addition to the Dota 2 hero lineup.

However, this may come as a surprise to you as I would say rather important changes has been made and this in particular (very obvious too) in his ultimate. Instead of Great Fortitude, it is now replaced with a new skill Stampede. This grants you and all allied player units on the map max movement speed and zero unit collision for a short duration. Any enemy units you or your allies come into collision will take some damage and get stunned, though enemies can only be affected by the stampede impact once.

For the details of the new ultimate, along with the rest of the changelog, see here.

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