Monday 12 November 2012

8 must-NOT-do offences in Black Ops 2

Being one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the year, Black Ops 2 is probably set for a huge launch. And as thousands and millions of players prepare to storm both the campaign and multiplayer front, the game's developers Treyarch has announced a set of "security and enforcement" policy for gamers to play by the rule.

Failure of following the policy will see you being temporary banned, judging on the severity of the offence, from 2 days till 2 weeks. So to prevent that, do NOT:

  • Mod/Hack

Any user who runs a modified version of game code or uses a modified game profile is subject to penalty.

  • Use Pirated Content 

Any user who illegally acquires Call of Duty: Black Ops II content is subject to penalty.

  • Use Unsupported Peripheral Devices & Applications

Any user who utilizes an unsupported external hardware device or application to interact with the game is subject to penalty. Unsupported peripheral devices and applications include but are not limited to modded controllers, IP flooders and lag switches.

  • Boosting

Any user who colludes with another user to exploit the game for the purpose of gaining XP, prestige, game score, weapon level, or in-game unlock is subject to penalty.

  • Glitching

Any user who abuses an exploit in game code or other established rule of play is subject to penalty. An example includes but is not limited to using a hole in the map geo to intentionally go outside of the map boundary.

  • Offensive Behavior

Any user who is found to use aggressive, offensive, derogatory or racially charged language is subject to penalty.

  • Offensive Emblems

Any user who creates an emblem with sexually gratuitous images, racially offensive material or foul language is subject to penalty.

  • Offensive Live Streams or Unauthorized Live Stream Content

Any user who is found to have offensive or unauthorized content in their live stream is subject to penalty. Offensive content includes but is not limited to foul language, racially charged language, and nudity. Unauthorized content includes but is not limited to unlicensed music, TV shows, movies and brand logos.

It's pretty ironic isn't it? How Black Ops 2 (and the Call of Duty series) is all about killing, shooting and blasting, and then there's this "security" policy to protect the game' But that's the rule and that's what you do NOT want to break, intentionally or accidentally.

The long list of details can be found here.

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