Friday 28 December 2012

Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta postponed to 3rd of January 2013, meanwhile you can continue playing

Years after the original Ragnarok Online finally comes its second installment/sequel for our South East Asian region proudly hosted and massively marketed by online gaming giants Asiasoft. Obviously highly-anticipated, Raganarok Online 2 has been to say the least a great success for the company since its launch and Closed Beta phase.

However, when it came to its Open Beta which was supposed to be ready on the 27th of December, things didn't go as well as what we as gamers were hoping for.

Its Open Beta was planned for a 3pm (in simpler terms of SG/MY time) launch on the 27th, but as eager players were waiting at the seconds to get into the new realms of Asgard, Asiasoft via RO2's Facebook page announced that they had to push back its release, twice, explaining that this had to be done due to some "extremely high traffic to the RO2 website and".

However, when it finally opened at 6pm, their servers again seemed to be facing troubles as Asiasoft announced several times that they had to to shut it down to conduct stress tests. This is of course understandable as the original game is, after all, one of the most popular games at the time and hence would probably still be now, and sometimes its not easy when there is a surge in traffic. This scenario is also not foreign as even massive games like Diablo 3 had also faced the same problems.

Nevertheless, chariman of Asiasoft Online Sherman Tan has came out and released an official apology/message/note via the RO2 Facebook page, again explaining that this whole drama was due to a "staggeringly high traffic that resulted in severe website and server congestion", announcing that "(they) have to reschedule Open Beta to 3rd January 2013".

The good (or maybe not so good) news is, you will still be able to experience the land of Asgard while waiting for its Open Beta relaunch as Asiasoft will continue to carry out stress tests and by playing you will be able to give them a hand. The catch is, any progress you get during this time will not be counted and thus will not continue on the 3rd of January 2013.

After reading RO2's official apology, will you still be playing? Shoot us your thoughts below!

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