Wednesday 19 December 2012

Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta to start 27 December

Ragnarok 2 wallpaper
Dubbed as Asiasoft's 'Blockbuster MMORPG', the recently-announced Ragnarok 2 (RO2) has been on the spotlight for quite a while as its close beta have been (I would say) extremely well-received, especially within my circle of networks.

Lasting over a 6 day period, Ragnarok Online 2's Closed Beta Testing have been successfully-concluded and its game servers are now being maintained to fix any in-game bugs and technical issues. This prepares for its upcoming Open Beta as Asiasoft strives to give the smoothest possible experience all around the region in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines and more once it goes live on the 27th of December. Better news still, Asiasoft has also mentioned that if you're on its Closed Beta previously, you wouldn't need to re-download its game client, but well I'm pretty sure you would still need to go through a patch or sort.

Asiasoft surely has been putting an immeasurable amount of effort into RO2 as you would have noticed on its marketing strategies, filling almost every day of my Facebook feed and ads. The game have also always had a big following and with this, I believe it is going to be Asiasoft's biggesst success since the all-so-lovable Maple Story.

To join the rapidly-growing community of RO2, simply hop on their official fb page.

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