Saturday 15 December 2012

Timbersaw makes the cut in latest DOTA 2 update

In a time once before, there used to be a goblin raging through forests taking down both trees and foes. While his teammates fight till the end, trees are his biggest allies as he uses his coat of of steel to withstand the gaining forces of his enemies. But, Goblin Shredder is now no more.

Introducing Timbersaw, its replacement

With his four skills Whirling Death, Timber Chain,  Reactive Armor and Chakram, Timbersaw has evidently a love to cut trees down, while of course causing a considerable amount of damage.

I'm no pro, but Timbersaw is a heck of a nuker early game with its short cooldowns and double doses of comboing Whirling Death and Timber Chain. It's Reactive Armor then makes Timbersaw one of the most durable tanks in the game, with its armor increasingly stacking everytime he receives damage. That said, he can be a great nuker early game earning kills like cutting trees, and the team's tanker late into the game. Double dose of annoyance, perfect.

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