Friday 4 January 2013

Overcoming Stress With Online Gaming and Videos

In the modern age, many people suffer from stress, whether it is related to their job, their family or their social life and there are numerous ways to help combat this. Although it may seem simplistic, the escapism of cartoons and TV can be very helpful, whatever your age or background.

Many people who suffer from stress struggle to find a solution that helps them deal with it. Part of the problem is the sheer variety of causes of stress that are present in the modern environment. Some are severe, such as moving house or having a divorce, but others are smaller but cumulative, as in the small stresses that occur in the working environment or in relationships with other people. The former type usually requires a much more serious form of treatment, such as therapy or counselling, but the latter can be combatted by simply making smaller and gradual changes to your lifestyle until you have alleviated your stress and feel healthier and more relaxed.

Identifying Stress

Stress is a notoriously difficult condition to recognise and identify, as it can affect people in many different ways. Some people will experience it biologically, through loss of hair or headaches, while others will suffer in a more psychological sense, such as apathy or feeling distant and disconnected. One of the most successful ways of identifying stress is to assess your lifestyle and see if there are certain aspects that could be responsible for stress. Each individual will be affected by different things, but common causes include an excessive workload, lack of relationship fulfilment or money worries. If these are a part of your life and you feel unhealthy in a non-specific way, it is quite possible that stress is the issue at hand. Thankfully, activities as simple as sitting down to, say, watch Scooby Doo online, can make a positive difference.

Online Videos

The Internet is a vast resource and can provide answers to a number of questions and complaints. It can even provide an aid to good health through sources of advice or through the sheer volume of distracting material available. Although it is important to directly engage with the stress-causing problems in your life, a short-term solution can come from escaping the unpleasantness of day-to-day life and immersing yourself in uplifting videos. Choosing to watch Scooby Doo online, even for only half an hour a day, could be enough to lift your spirits and help to counter the damaging moods brought on by stress.

Online Gaming

Gaming offers a similar degree of escapism as online videos but has addition benefits too. For instance, gaming has goals and setbacks, in a way that very simplistically mirrors real life. Achieving goals in a game can be a very uplifting experience and can therefore serve to positively improve your general outlook. Games, as well as videos, also provide a brief recourse to childhood simplicity, which can be very beneficial for sufferers of stress, both severe and everyday.

Overall, the benefits of online videos and gaming should not be underestimated in helping to adjust your daily stressed life. Escaping from the concerns of your life is important now and again, although this should not replace the importance of facing the issues themselves. The internet is a marvellous resource for such escapism. Whatever you choose, make sure to select a game or video that is generally uplifting with achievable goals and/or a realistically positive conclusion.

About the Author:
CJ writes regularly on online video and gaming experiences for Cartoon Network. She spent many years working in therapy and came to understand the very real benefits of certain television programming on stress relief.

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