Friday 4 January 2013

DOTA 2 Australian Servers are finally live

With the latest 3rd of January patch update, Valve has finally installed a local Australian server on DOTA 2. Based somewhere in Sydney, the installment of the server would undoubtedly benefit local players in the land down under

For a start, unnecessary other-continental pings will be dropped bringing an overall smoother gameplay and definitely minimising every gamers' bane - lag and connection spikes.

But together in this addition will also bring all the Aussies on one platform ultimately tightening up the community and encouraging further friendly competition, instilling interest and bringing up the Australian DOTA 2 scene.

Since moving to Melbourne for studies, I have been playing on the SEA server considering that well it's the closest we can get right. Occasional lags have been a recurring thing so with this update we'll get back on whether it is actually smoother in-game.

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