Wednesday 2 January 2013

Ubisoft planning for Ghost Recon movie

Ubisoft has a track record of some amazing, long-running video game franchises, but the internationally-based company has far more ambitious plans with them to venture into the all-that-fame-and-glory Hollywood. Both Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell have reportedly been put in development for huge Hollywood releases, and with yet another largely-popular series Ghost Recon, Ubisoft plans again to storm the Hollywood front.

This came when LA Times recently reported that chief executive of Ubisoft's Motion Pictures Jean-Julien Baronnet has in fact been putting together a pitch for its Ghost Recon franchise, hoping for a Hollywood production company to take up the challenge.

The thing about the Ghost Recon series is that there really isn't one significant or iconic character, but instead is all about the technological military, stealth, and basically fights and booms. So it's going to be pretty interesting how an actual storyline would work out.

But then again, storylines don't really matter in the Hollywood industry isn't it? It's the action, adrenaline and explosions that works it up the chart.

But for some idea on how maybe, just maybe a Hollywood Ghost Recon movie would be like, here's a 24 minutes film by Ubisoft released for its Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Thanks, Polygon!

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