Sunday 8 December 2013

First Look: Pokemon X and Y

Since its release in October, we have finally gotten our hands on a copy of Nintendo’s latest, Pokemon X and Y 3DS. Both copies of the game are both similar in every aspect but the only difference are the Pokemon you can get in their individual versions.

Let’s start off with what’s different from their older generations of Pokemon. Pokemon X & Y offers an amazing graphic improvement compared to the previous Black 2 and White2. Like most 3DS games, Pokemon X and Y are set in a 3D dimensional world to walk around and the camera tilts as you enter different areas.

The third dimention

The in-depth 3D effects of the game during Pokemon Battles are another highlight to look out for as you play the game. You really need to give time to get used to the 3D effect before actually seeing the depth of the screen. Battle sequences are also improved as the movements are much smoother than what they did in Black 2 and White 2.

Being different

Not only that, unlike the previous generations of Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y allows you to choose your own avatar after the gender selection at the beginning. Rather than sticking to only 1, you are allowed to look different from what your friends choose if they too own the game.


Due to popular demand, Pokemon X and Y have also successfully made their game into an MMO when the device is running on internet. It has allowed more interaction amongst players in the game. The interaction amongst players with NPC (Non-Playable-Characters) is also improved as the NPC will try conversations that will make you feel like you’re actually conversing with them (unlike previous generations, where the NPC treats you like a dumbo).

A Challenge

Also, a change has been made as your rival this time would be choosing a Pokemon that is to your advantage. Being a fan of water starters, I have chosen Froakie as my starter. In previous generations, your rival would most probably choose a starter of your weakness. However, in this generation, your rival chooses a starter that is to you advantage. (For my case, my rival chose Fennekin...)

Though we’re only 30 minutes into the game and I’ve yet to face a single gym yet but there is definitely a lot more to expect on Pokemon X & Y. This has definitely worth my money.

ps. In celebration of the release of a new generation of Pokemons, a promotion is running to get a free Torchic when you purchase a Pokemon X or Y anytime before January 14th.

by Marcus Heng

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