Friday 29 November 2013

League of Legends Season 4 brings huge changes - especially supports and vision

League of Legends wallpaper
It has been 3 years since the beginning of the League of Legends (LoL) by Riot and for the 2014 season, it is about to face one of their biggest changes in LoL history.

As most of you know, League of Legends began without any specific roles in each champion which then evolved to a game where roles matter. With that, Riot decided to pump up the roles in the game and make changes from the gameplays they have been observing.

This season’s change is mostly based on the support and jungle role in the game. League of Legends players would know that in the game, the ones are always lacking behind in order to help their team are usually these two roles.

Let’s start off with the supports. Supports in L.o.L. are usually known as the non-killer, sacrificing and warding role for the team. Wards are of one of the importance for a support in the previous seasons, causing them to roam around and planting wards (Either most of the time being ambushed by gank or away from the fight leaving them lacking of gold and experience).

With that in concern, wards are now made into a team effort as each player is only allowed on planting with a maximum of 3 wards. The burden on the support role players are then decreased as placing wards around the map is now a team effort.

Then move on the Jungle role players. Jungle role players never gets a lane to farm and are always pushed to jungle camps for their buffs and jungle creatures for farm and experience. With that, Riot now has added an extra jungle camp for the Jungle role players to get more farms of gold and experience. The jungle camp consists of a wrath with a kill that gives 60 gold to the jungle role player upon kills.

As mentioned above, Jungle and Support roles gets the least farms of gold and experience. With the new and updated masteries, they now are able to keep up with the team as they play.

• Bandit – Helps grants extra gold to the support players mostly in the bottom lane with the ADC.

 • Scavenger – Also, more for the support role players, they tend to gain an extra gold each time their ADC gets a kill on nearby lane minions.

• Inspiration – Increases experiences for jungle and support role players who are always lacking behind in terms of level in the team.

Also, adding up to the challenges in the game, bushes now are trimmed to make hiding, ganking and warding a bit harder for players. Tip of the bushes are trimmed makes camping jungle role players take more time to reach their target and also be seen much more when approaching for the gank. With the bushes trimmed, there will be more bushes to cover to be warded which will really put the team into a warding spree amongst the players to stay alert and on watch all the time.

Lastly, a minor change to the Dragon as difficulty of taking down the Dragon will now be harder as time goes. However, price of slaining the Dragon will also increase as time goes. Slaining the Dragon has never been as rewarding as it is now.

by Marcus Heng

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