Thursday 18 August 2011

Crytek Has No Immediate Interest In PS Vita

Just a quick question, if you could only own one gadget, would you get the iPad, or PSP? Personally, I choose the iPad and i'm pretty sure most of you would agree too. Well, Crytek recently said that it believes that dedicated handheld game consoles like the PSP is "losing ground" to the vast range of tablets out there in the market. Reason being that unlike tablets and smartphones, these consoles have limited functions.

Crytek's a company who is normally interested to experiment and utilise new, high-end technology. However, speaking to, the developer of Crysis mentioned that the company has no immediate interest in Sony's latest handheld console PlayStation Vita.
"While it's a nice achievement from Sony in the first step it's not something we would take into consideration in the short term" 
Crytek managing director Avni Yerli:
"I can see that the multifunctions that devices like tablets offer is a big advantage of them. And I think people want one mobile device that can do multiple things. Considering this, I think those handhelds are lacking in that area and they are losing ground, actually. I think they have to be more innovative."
Considering what Yerli said, it's indeed very true. We now want a portable device which can do everything - Facebook, Twitter, GPS, Angry Birds and the list goes on. A gadget on the other hand which can only be used for gaming isn't sufficient for today's world.

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