Wednesday 24 August 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Gets Pro With Gaming Eyewear

There's the gaming mouses, there's gaming keyboards, there's gaming speakers... and now, there's gaming eyewears! I'm not so sure on whether there was previously such a thing but please bear with me, I've never heard of them.

Well manufacturer Gunnar Optiks and Activision have joined forces to create an official, limited edition Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear which has "custom spring hinges, a magnesium alloy frame and wide coverage lenses to provide an ultra sharp view into the farthest ranges of your peripheral vision. Adjustable nose pads accommodate a wide range of facial features with venting details inspired by the latest technology in military machinery."

Here is what President of GUNNAR Optiks Rob Aarnes has to say:
"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's release this November will no doubt be the event of the year and is certain to achieve a new level of action-packed, unflinching entertainment,"
Okay, I've got no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 is seriously going to be a big hit with all those massive branding and publishing going on but to have it's own gaming eyewear (maybe world's first?), that is super cool! However, personally, I wouldn't be getting one as I'm just an ordinary but I'm pretty sure it suits you hardcore fans our there so cheers!

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