Wednesday 19 October 2011

Rockaway Fest 2011: Hujan, Kyoto Protocol and Jason Lo

(I know i'm off tangent but...)
Tomorrow's the date Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia! Can't wait for it :D  Anyway, here are more photos from the largest Rock Festival in Malaysia!
opening act of the 12-hour long festival, which seemingly brought along hujan (rain) about almost immediately

Thematic, unconventional but deceivingly catchy, Kyoto Protocol executed a solid performance, particularly with its first single, 'Pussycat'.

Rockstar-turn-Entrepreneur, Jason Lo was once an established musician-cum-producer. Now, he is the CEO of Tune Talk but continues to contribute to the local creative industry.

Story of the Year, All Time Low and Bras
Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short
- Busco, Love Me Butch and Captain Rockaway!
First Concert, First Media Coverage

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