Wednesday 21 December 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011: Photos + First Byline

If you were christmas shopping or simply hanging out around the KLCC area last weekend, it would be hard for you to miss the large presence of those visiting the on-going Comic Fiesta which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, now it its 10th year. Seriously, coloured wigs, striking costumes, intricately-designed props - they were everywhere!

I've got to admit I'm not a massive fan of ACG (animation, comics and games), and I was only covering the event for The Star's youth section, R.AGE. You see, I only read Naruto mangas (which I gave up halfway) and only watched some animes - like super infrequently. However, covering the event gave me a whole new perception and a whole lot of insight into this industry, and how many people are actually that obsessed with it. And for that, I respect them.

Anyway, here are some of the photos from the two-day event (:

naruto and killerbee cosplaying

one true pairing cosplay competition
The newly-introduced OTP (One true pairing) competition

ermm..when did memes came into the ACG scene?

Damn! This crazy little miniature sculpture looks amazing.

sculpture modelling
and the genius who created it >.<

don't they all look super cute? :D

and yet another masterpiece fan art...

Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni in a press interview [my first one!! :D]

oyeah, DotA 2 baby! All the top 8 elite teams in the house!

just in case you're wondering, the one in costume was 'pole dancing' against the host (red shirt)

and, the Box-Head Man from LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem music video...literally riding the host again. that's the spirit yo! ;)

and it's me posing! plus, my second media pass at the age of 16 (lemme syiok sendiri ok?) :P

So that's all for Comic Fiesta 2011 peeps! I'm sure those who went had a great weekend (despite some long waiting on the first day though), and for those who didn't, I hope my photos are good enough (:

Also, you may read my coverage on R.AGE's online portal here. It's my first so yeah, do give me your feedbacks :D

How can I not take a photo of this - my first ever byline on arguably Malaysia's most popular english newspaper/tabloid :P

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