Tuesday 7 February 2012

Execute With Style and Gore in Darkness II [Videos]

WARNING: Not for those weak-hearted. Click here now.

You're still reading this or you've probably clicked the youtube video already, didn't you. Yea, thought so. Anyways, if you have played The Darkness: Digital Extremes [ I ] before, Darkness II will pretty much be the same in terms of its gore, blood, and brutality. Killing someone is probably extremely normal for a Darkness gamer but what differentiates one from another is exactly HOW you end their life.

Just to give you an idea on what this game is all about and how is it that you have "tentacles", Darkness II is a first-person shooter game where you'll most probably not use your guns at all (for me at least). Though you are equipped with two weapons, your ultimate signature is the Demon Arms (the "tentacles") which is also like your "third-hand[s]". The four videos here are simply some of the many ways to fully-utilise your signature weapon to the max of its potential - executing your foes inside out

brutalizing like an anaconda..

slicing with style..

tearing them apart, bit by bit...

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