Tuesday 13 March 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Imagine a world of 3D right from your smartphone itself, without glasses at all - images and videos, actions and movements emerging out from the phone into your vision and surroundings. But all of those could only be a fantasy now isn't it? After all, 3D is only in cinemas or at the very most equipped in some really, really expensive TV, but in smartphones, no way.

You got that all wrong. 3D is possible on smartphones and LG's Optimus 3D is one of the earliest phones employing the latest technology. Personally, I have always been a fan of 3D and it being on a smartphone would really enhance the overall feel. Yes, images will pop-out, Avatar will soar high like it was in a cinema (maybe, I never liked watching movies on phones anyway) but one of the key things of 3D, which many people miss out, is for gaming. But no, I'm not talking about 3D Angry Birds or 3D Cut the Rope, I'm talking about the so-called 'hardcore' games like Shadow Gun and Dead Space.

3D has a pretty big impact on gaming if you ask me. It ultimately changes the way you experience the game as a whole, especially since you are immediately absorbed into the world; and with games like Dead Space, you will actually feel as if you are the protagonist itself. The technology arguably revolutionises the way video games are played and experienced, and coupled with such portability and ease, LG's Optimus 3D would provide a suitable platform for a hardcore gamer-on-the-go like me.

More information on LG's Optimus 3D here.

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