Saturday 14 April 2012

How to be a real Skyrim dragonborn? With Kinect integration on Xbox [Video + Features]

Following the huge success of the 5th Elder Scrolls, or more mainstream-ly known as Skyrim, game developers Bethesda Softworks has decided to add a Kinect integration to the massively open-world adventure game.

Though this integration doesn't include you physically moving your body to explore the game (which you definitely will tire considering the fact that the world of Skyrim is crazily-unending), or swing your arms to kill (like a complete retard) so thank god for this, it still allows you to employ what we call the voice-recognition system.

Yeap, that's right. The developers know you love their dragon shouts so much that they now want you to scream them out literally. So the next time you're killing some dragon, just shout till your lungs out and FUS RO DAH that huge-ass monster far far away; of course, just make sure your parents, siblings or roommates aren't watching you or in this case, able to hear your crazy chants. Also, make sure you shut your windows and doors or your neighbours may think there's some psychopath in your house. Just do take note of that yea. (:

Here's what you may think you're doing while FUS RO DAh-ing.

Well anyway, besides the dragon shouts (not only FUS RO DAH), it also features more that 200 voice commands. Some including:

  • Hotkey Equipping
  • Follower Commands
  • Menus
  • Change of weapons
  • Quick load/quick save
  • Maps
  • Sorting of inventory items by name, weight and value.

To get an early look at how Skyrim will work with Kinect, watch the video below featuring the preliminary concept for the Kinect for Xbox 360 support.

Ok. Quick question. Seriously, what's your thought on this whole "interactive" concept of Kinect with Skyrim. Is it just plain ridiculous? Or it may actually turn out kinda fun?

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