Thursday 12 April 2012

Razer to Sponsor and Help Develop E-Sports in Malaysia

Razer, known most profoundly for its gaming peripherals, is also a large supporter in the e-sports scene - having sponsored and nurtured various teams from all around the world under their Team Razer program. Closer to home, Orange eSports is already part of the team and it sure looks like they won't be the only Malaysian team anymore.

Razer's CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director Min-Liang Tan
Co-founder of Razer Min-Liang Tan recently shared in a statement that the company is interested, and will be further developing the e-sports scene in Malaysia. In his own words:
“There is still so much room for the Malaysian e-Sports community and industry as a whole to grow. Razer is looking forward to equip more aspiring Malaysian gamers with our gaming-grade hardware and provide the financial support so that they can focus on their gaming and dominate the global gaming arena.”
- Min-Liang Tan, Co-founder, CEO and Creative Director of Razer.
To further reinforce his plans, CEO Min-Liang Tan himself will be personally visiting Malaysia this weekend (14th of April) to meet the local growing gaming scene, as well as for the PIKOM PC Fair at KL Convention Centre

Also, on a similar note, he will have an exclusive Meet and Greet session and the first 10 in line to meet him (more specifically starting at 1pm) will walk home with 5 exclusive Signature Edition Razer DeathAdders and 5 Signature Edition Ironclads. Sure sounds like incentive, isn't it? Nevermind if you can't make it to the first 10 but if you visit Razer's booth, you will still pick up some special Razer swag like drinking flasks, beanies and even bandannas, which will all be autographed by Tan himself!

Anyway, Razer's interest in the development of the Malaysian e-sports scene will surely open up more opportunities to aspiring competitive gamers, which we definitely already have world-class standards. So if you're interested and would really like to join Team Razer, visiting Razer's booth this weekend will be one of your stepping stone. So all the best fellas! :D

*More information on the Official Razer Malaysia Fan Club and Min-Liang Tan page.
*Aspiring competitive/e-sports gamers can also visit for more details.

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