Wednesday 13 June 2012

Razer Blade Starts Shipping To Singapore On June 14, Price Costs a Bomb at SGD4000

Razer, known most profoundly for its gaming gears, ventured to unveil its first ever gaming laptop last year. Known as the Razer Blade, it features an Intel Core i7 and a Nvidia GeForce graphics processor on an impressive 17.3 inch display. And unlike most gaming laptops, the Blade is much, much thinner, at only 0.88 inches and only weighs at a mere 6.4lbs which evidently, aims to achieve the optimum portability while correctly balancing it with top-notch gaming performance.

Well, the Razer Blade was first only available in North America; and only after about a year later, Razer is going start shipping it outside. And guess what, the second country around the world to receive the Razer Blade is Singapore. Actually, it was quite unsurprising as Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan hails from Singapore itself.

Oh, but what about its price? That's the tricky part here as like all gaming laptops, they usually cost a bomb; and for the Razer Blade, it's definitely gona make a hole in your wallet.


Yes, that's right. Converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it would be close to RM9500 if you want some Malaysian dealer to ship it here. That, by far, would possibly be one of the most expensive gaming laptops in the world especially since it is reported to retain its previous-gen Sandy Bridge processor and not the latest Ivy Bridge technology, which could possibly be the main concern for us purchases. And again, the timing couldn't be any worse considering that the MBP was just announced with an even slimmer body and a comparably cheaper price.

But then again, it caters to an entirely different market, on a niche of gamers. And only if I had the cash, I'm definitely up for it. Only if...

*It would be purchasable from Razer's online store, or to test it our first, head over to the Best Denki store at Ngee Ann City. So if you are planning to get it, drop your comments below! (:

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