Tuesday 24 July 2012

1st Dragon Nest Asian Cup World Tournament Announced

Shanda Games International, publisher of Dragon Nest SEA recently rewarded the first and fastest guild a whopping SGD10,000 for slaying the most challenging monster yet in the game, Serpentra the sea dragon. And now that the South East Asian version of the game is gaining its popularity, Shanda Games International has announced for the first ever Dragon Nest Asian Cup (DNAC) World Tournament to be held.

The finest of South East Asia's will be representing this part of the world in the debut DNAC world tournament, set to be held at the ChinaJoy exhibition and conference in Shanghai on the 26th of July. There, teams already pre-seleccted from qualifiers, being top teams from China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, will go all out against each other in a "best of three" system competition.

Exclusive to the tournament, they will also be able to use unique level 50 characters unavailable in the ordinary game version, and would strategically compete in the Lost Temple and West Village Ruins maps to ultiamtely win the grand prize of a 100,000 Chinese Yuan (est. RM50,000).

“It’s the first time we are organizing an Asian regional competition for the Dragon Nest SEA community, and the support shown by the players have overwhelmed us. I look forward to an exciting and fantastic tournament,” 
- Addison Kang, Vice president of Shanda Games International
 Also, in conjunction with the tournament, Dragon Nest SEA fans will also be treated for a show of the PvP debut of the highly-anticipated Academic Class during the DNAC tournament period.

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