Monday 16 July 2012

Playing Skyrim on a PS Vita [Video]

Imagine the world of Skyrim, all in the realms of your two hand, at the sides of your fingertip, with you, beside you, all the time. Depending on your addiction level towards this game, you would either freak the hell get bored of it, or hyped all up and fus ro dah to joy. But anyway, made possible by some Youtube guy, who 'using the SDK and Vita Remote Client' had managed to somehow miraculously hosted Skyrim on the PS Vita, a platform which doesn't originally support the game.

What about the gameplay, smoothness, graphics and general quality of the game now that it is playable portably? Well, this ps vita version 'shows 26-33fps at 95% quality using the remote play like app', and 'you can see how it runs, but a control scheme needs to be figured out as the mouse control stick does not move the view in realtime'.

Bethesda, here's your guy you may want to hire for a PS Vita official release.

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