Saturday 22 September 2012

GameMaker: Studio to support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, another boost to Marketplace

One of the most easiest and basic way of creating your own game (from scratch!) would be using GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games. It packs a pretty simple step-by-step guide for even complete beginners to use, and once a game is completed on the program, it provides the instant ability to adapt it for applications on other platforms.

Current support includes the iOS, Android, Facebook, HTML and Windows; and recently, YoYo Games have announced that it is going to add support for the upcoming Windows 8 prior to its October 26 launch and more importantly, the Windows Phone 8 when the first of its devices are made available. This addition will give yet another boost to the Windows Phone marketplace where even more developers can have their games added into the fast-growing ecosystem.

Source (photo and story): YoYo Games via WPCentral

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