Tuesday 16 October 2012

[Borderlands 2] Gaige the Mechromancer and Deathtrap, introduced.

Done trying all 4 classes of vault hunters already? Thinking of getting the Mechromancer DLC but clueless about what its all about? Here's a short but interesting introduction to Pandora's new hero (I like to call them that hehe).

Sir Hammerlock makes his appearance once again with his distinctive voice telling you what this seemingly petite-looking girl can actually do. Though small in size, her skills are not to be messed with. And judging with how DLCs often are, new classes introduced are usually equipped with much more fancy features and this is pretty much expected looking from the trailer above.


This is Gaige the Mechromancer's active skill. And no, its not merely setting a trap. Instead, it's a huge ass (ok not THAT big, but bigger than Gaige) robot which wields a range of skills any robots depicted before should have. Laser beam, electric shock, replenish armor, explosions? Check, check, check and check.


I haven't got the chance to try Gaige the Mechromancer out but simply looking at Deathtrap, with its little petite owner obliterating anyone and anything in their way, sends a chill down my spine. (In a good way, of course...maybe.)

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