Tuesday 29 January 2013

No Dualshock controllers in next-gen PS4?

Since its introduction in 1997 with the first PlayStation, the Dualshock controllers have become synonymous with the console's brand, while some would also say its design had arguably inspired the Xbox controllers we have today.

While these two-handed controllers has somewhat become a representative of modern console gaming, recent reports as received by CVG have suggested that next-gen consoles, and more specifically the PS4, may not sport a similar Dualshock design anymore.

This in particular is supposedly due to a more, advanced, and in some way, quite creepily, the use of biometric sensors for future consoles. For those unfamiliar, biometric sensors actually read your pulse rate and say maybe, your thumbprints and even eye movement. The PS4 reportedly also sports an LCD screen, along with the touchscreen capabilities of the PS Vita which if it indeed turns into a reality, will make the experience entirely fresh.

What do you reckon? Are you a sticker to the Dualshock, or are you willing to embrace this next generation of controls, whatever it might be?

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