Saturday 26 January 2013

Troll Warlord rages onto Dota 2

All hail the king of trolls, or so they said.

Troll Warlord, another classic and one of the more popular heroes from the original DotA has finally been added to DOTA 2 in the latest patch update (24th January).

For those unfamiliar, though very unlikely, Troll Wardlord is a strong carry capable enough to be one very formidable foe. It excels both in range and melee, and with a tunelling attack speed stack on a single target, it will be difficult to deal with in individual fights. While during team fights, Troll's ultimate can be the determining factor with a global attack speed increase for all allies.

Some complain it's imbalance, but we simply reckon its a great hero to play with, and an obviously good choice to trick your enemies into believing they stand a chance when you are in fact fighting with an increasingly-formidable speed. Oh, and that ulti, its a tower breaker.

If you are relatively still new, learn about Troll Warlord at

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