Thursday 10 January 2013

'The most powerful tablet' Razer Edge (Pro) announced - a gaming tablet, PC and console

Hands-down, truly, 'the most powerful tablet in the world', yet. Powered by the latest 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor with up to 1.9 GHz processing speed, the NVIDIA GT640M LE (the only tablet in the market which has a Nvidia GPU), 8GB worth of RAM and up to 256 GB of SSD, you can say this is the most hardcore specs a tablet has ever had before.

But the Razer Edge (Pro) isn't merely a tablet by itself.

In fact, this whole idea of a gaming tablet started off a year ago at the very same event CES 2012 as Project Fiona - a portable gaming tablet with handle/controllers at the sides. After a year's development and progress, including crowdsourcing ideas from fans on their facebook page, what started off as a concept idea has now became a reality with improved versatility and embeds the very specs Razer fans has voted for.

As how Razer puts it, "It's a tablet. It’s a PC. It’s a console". Ultimately following the trend, the Razer Edge is similar to a Windows 8 convertible having 4 different 'modes'.

Priced at $999 for the slate itself, it is like any Windows 8 tablet with full-compatibility with any other softwares and touchscreen-based games.
razer edge tablet slate
Add the Gamepad Controllers on for $249 (or bundled with for the Pro version) and the tablet is now a handheld mobile console enabling you to play some of the top PC games in controller style, fueled with vibration-feedbacks and easy handling in-games, on the go.
razer edge mobile console mode
Alternatively, add a keyboard on to do your usual documents and web surfings, or use it with a mouse for games heavily-reliant on chats and pinpoint accuracy, like MMOs or MOBAs.
razer edge keyboard
Lastly, priced at $99, transform the Razer Edge with a docking station. Featured with three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, mic-in and a stereo-out, connect it to the big screen and console controllers and it ultimately makes this 10.1' tablet into a home console.
razer edge console mode
Multi-functional, extremely-versatile, fueled with top-notch specs in one of the most portable forms, I'm definitely up for it. If you've noticed, there are two versions of the Razer Edge, the standard version with lower specs and the Pro version with the specs mentioned above. Both will be available globally (yup that includes Malaysia) in the first quarter of 2013 and are now pre-order ready at

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