Monday 10 June 2013

Introducing the all-new, all-Malaysian, six-man DuskBin Dota 2 team

From left: Jian Shen "Dy-" Chong , Jason "Jny-" Siew , Shi Yuan " Shiyuan" Soh, Kelvin "MtR-" Chong, Jun Wei "BoyZ" Gan, Kok Chun "MissyZ" Wong

DuskBin, a local (Malaysian) eSports team who specialises in multiple other games have recently unveiled its new Dota 2 team roster. The team has been inactive for quite some time but has made a statement that they will be back in both the local and international Dota 2 scene with a more experienced and strategic lineup and also most importantly a consistent training schedule.

DuskBin.Dota 2 will feature an all-Malaysian, six-man roster boasting of Jny, MissyZ and BoyZ who were all from team FishBall. Mtr, Dynasty and 6th-man Shiyuan will then make out the rest of the all-new DuskBin, led by an experienced Jny.

But forming a new team and even a polished brand image will not immediately mean success, and to this DuskBin have set up a dedicated training facility in Petaling Jaya, Selangor with top-notch gaming equipment sponsored by i-Rocks. In-house trainings are carried out every week from Friday to Sunday, while weekdays will see the team having to train online due to their personal commitments.

In a statement on their official team website, DuskBin has also unveiled plans to compete in the upcoming E2MAX qualifiers in Singapore, and have also announced their commitment to compete in as many tournaments as possible.

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