Monday 10 June 2013

The Malaysian Guide to E3 2013

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Gamers unite. The largest and most significant gaming convention in the world is at the time of writing a few hours away from us. Held religiously in Los Angeles, there's always a degree of doubt and uncertainty when for most of us who live about half the world away comes to being part of this global event.

Sure, we would stay up all night long and glue our eyes to freaking press conferences for all the latest, next-gen reveals, but when and where the heck do we watch them online?

Here's the best part, if you're in Malaysia/Singapore (+8GMT) we've decided to help you dissect and compile (embed a few live videos as well!) all the information you need to follow E3 2013 online. For our neighbouring countries, well just do the maths and plus or minus a few hours.

Schedule: June 11

12.30am - Microsoft (Xbox One) 

4.00am - EA (Battlefield 4, Plants vs Zombies 2)

6.00am - Ubisoft (Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 4)

9.00am - Sony (PS4)

10.00pm - Nintendo (Wii U)

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