Sunday 20 October 2013

League of Legends Champion Spotlight: Jinx

The wait is over! Jinx is finally on the list of champion selection to the battlefield of Summoner’s Rift. A sister of Vi and also categorized as the Loose Cannon who is mad about explosions, Jinx!

Though I was hoping for a new AP (Ability Power) mid player, Jinx is marked as a marksman in the game, also known by most players, an ADC (Attack Damage Carry). Being a support player myself, I’ve never ventured into trying out an ADC role. Mostly will be known as a champion to be playing the bottom lane as the support.

Skills on the other hand are the things to be focused on. Switcha-roo, Jinx’s first skill is an ability to change Jinx’s basic attack either using Pow-Pow, her minigun or Sharkbones, her bazooka as her basic attack. Both have its advantage as Pow-Pow has higher attack speed but with lower damage. Sharkbones on the other hand, has higher damage but at a very much lower attack speed. (However, once fed, Sharkbones can be used to clear minions easily)

Zap is a however weaker ability that slightly damages the target but it slows as well as reveals the target for a while. Not much to harp on as Jinx’s 3rd skill, Flame Choppers are much more like an extra ward when activated in bushes. Similar to Caitlyn’s Yordle’s Snap Trap, Flame Choppers are placed as a trap for any enemy who steps on it. Flame Choppers lights the enemy on fire as well as rooting them in place.

Lastly, Jinx’s ulti, Super Death Rocket. Like Ezreal’s as well as Ashe’s ulti, Jinx’s ulti allows her rocket to travel across the map. The further it travels, the harder the hit. The rocket however, does not affect the minions and will only explodes once it comes in contact with an enemy champion.

Not to forget, Jinx also have a unique but personally, a overpowered passive. Once Jinx assists or kill an enemy champion or turret, Jinx massively gains movement speed which can either help to escape or chase down for a killing combo.

How would you like to play Jinx? Well, that’s for you to find out. AP Jinx or AD Jinx for you? (You frequent League of Legend players will get me!

by Marcus Heng

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