Thursday 27 October 2011

Rockaway Fest: Pop Shuvit feat. Project E.A.R and One Buck Short

the crowd at Rockaway Festival 2011

So basically I had the chance to cover the event where 19 rock superstars locally and internationally come together and easily form the biggest Rockshow in Malaysia (as promised by the organisers) and damn, it was awesome. Mind you, it's my first concert as well as my first media coverage, how cool is that! Haha alright, back to topic, the main organisers was of course Livescape and popular local band artise One Buck Short. So kudos to them for putting together the amazing show, despite some minor delays and hiccups.

Pop Shuvit performing at Rockaway Festival 2011

Pop Shuvit Featuring Project E.A.R reigniting a new phase of their career, performing while recording their show while beach balls bounce among the crowd!

Pop Shuvit feat. Project E.A.R

One Buck Short, as the main organsier of Rockaway Festival 2011, giving an incredible time to the crowd as they release the band's first full Malay album titled Kampong Glam.
One Buck Short performing at Rockaway Festival 2011

One Buck Short's lead singer

One Buck Short's guitarist

One more batch of photos to go! Story of the Year and All Time Low is up next, finally!

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