Saturday 12 November 2011

R.AGE Photowalk at Petaling Street

So during the photowalk with R.AGE and SmashPop, we went around Jalan Sultan and one of the main highlights around the area was Petaling Street, or better know as "chee cheong gai" (and the place with lots of cheap stuff). Since it was in the morning, most of the shops were closed or were only opening - only one or two food stalls and a market were operating and that's basically where we went.

We kinda actually intruded the market as we were blocking the narrow way. Sorry!

Oh and after the market and Petaling Street, we walked back to Jalan Sultan and we passed by a temple. I didn't know we could bring our cameras in but since SmashPop went in already, we simply followed him.

It was the Guan Yin Festival if I'm not mistaken so many, many coils were blessing the temple at the front door.

Back at Jalan Sultan, going through our photos. (:

More photos! - Jalan Sultan + Mural Painting

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