Friday 11 November 2011

Jalan Sultan Photowalk With SmashPop and R.AGE

About a month ago, The Star's Dedicated Youth Section, R.AGE, organised a photowalk in conjunction with the newspaper's 'Preserve Our Heritage' mural painting campaign along Jalan Sultan. It was my first photowalk and we were accompanied by well-known blogger/photographer SmashPop and the R.AGE team (of course).

Up to 50 painters, from award-winning veterans to freshly-grad young talents, were on set that day, each contributing their effort as part of giving the historical street a new colour. And at the end of the day, the wall was illustrated with well-known icons, personalities, and landmarks. The paintings varied accordingly to the theme of "preserving our heritage" and simple and abstract ideas each was presented in a very interesting way.

Now, this is not the mural painted wall. It's just a simple graffiti (which I have completely no idea what it means) on a random wall I found at the start of our tour. Yes, we were given a free tour around the area and that's basically where the photowalk starts!

It was so difficult taking this cat, i had to hide behind a car or something to take this. Grrr..

After following and listening to SmashPop, who taught us many useful tips, including taking photographs of random people on the street, I finally took my first street portrait!

From left: ME, SmashPop and Fu Sing.
More photos: Petaling Street + Busy Market + Temple

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