Saturday 31 December 2011

6 OMG Super Cool Moments of Skyrim

Guys, I know I've been blogging about Skyrim again and again these days - from reviews to tips and secrets - but just bare with me for this very last post, for Skyrim is 2011's Game of the Year, literally and figuratively. It's an awesome game, no doubt about that. Therefore, I find that it's only apt if I conclude the year with a dedicated post for all the insanely-crazy, simple, yet immensely-powerful moments which defines what Skyrim is all about.

1)He got skills!
Skyrim is a world of endless possibilities where anything can be possible - this will only mean that some crazy, crazy stuff will happen and this is simply one of the many examples, something more than a headshot.

Sometimes, the plain old game can be rather dull after a while. But when that time comes, just get online, search for some interesting mods and your Skyrim world can be really, really different - and not to mention, extremely retarded.

3)Music Classic
Seriously check this out man, that is one extremely talented, beautifully-pieced video of Skryim's main theme song, on violin classico.

4)Fus Ro Dah
"Fus Ro Dah" itself is almost synonymous when it comes to videos of Skyrim, where people sync the main theme song of the game with real-life-moments, just take a look (and max your volume if you may) and you'll see what I mean.

5)I took an arrow to the knee
Likewise, "I took an arrow to the knee", a joke inspired by Skyrim of course (which I don't really understand lol), has become largely popular. The best remix ever.
Skyrim In The Knee by Rameses B by

6)'Tis the season to be jolly!
Oh yes, when it comes to Christmas, it's all about decorations, gifts, and of course, lightings! And from this video, it's quite apparent that Skyrim has largely influenced his Christmas.

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