Tuesday 27 December 2011

EA Brings Dead Space Onto Android, and now the iPhone and iPad

Damn the temptation. My final exam trials are just a week away and this comes up? It's simply too irresistible. Zombified aliens? Or more precisely, hordes of decapitated-but-perfectly-fine Necromorphs? Bring it on baby! But, wait a minute, didn't I just did that few years ago? And at the start of the year again (Dead Space 2)? Yes, but that was on the PC (or PS3/Xbox 360) and now, it's on the Android - see the link there? Aliens...android...dead space...awesomeness. Well, most mainstream games fail to do well on the mobile device due to the different controls, graphics, gameplay, bla bla bla...they're all simply excuses. Because, according to the reviews from users, as well as blogs, "Dead Space plays well. Incredibly well" according to Android Central, while Dave commented that it was "an absolutely stunning achievement" on the Android Market. Damn the temptation, again.

Here's a trailer but I reckon you are better off playing the game.

Get your copy from the Android Market here for $7.17 (RM21.50). Cheers! 

Dead Space is now on the App Store!

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